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Is my kilim rug / kilim cushion brand new or vintage?

Our kilim rugs and kilim cushions are not new, so please don't expect them to be perfect. All kilims and cushions are handwoven, one of a kind vintage treasures ranging from 10 to over 100 years old. With their own unique character, some faded in places, some having been carefully repaired, each are full of culture, tradition & stories to tell.

How long will it take to receive my kilim rug / kilim cushion?

We try our best to have your new kilim rug / kilim cushion in the post within 2 days of receiving your order. Depending on your state, you should have your kilim within one week of payment. For overseas customers, please contact me for details.

What is your returns policy?

We understand that your new kilim rug / kilim cushion will have a special place in your home for a long time, so it's important to get it right! Please contact us if for any reason you feel you need to return your kilim. We will happily discuss this with you, and may provide a full refund on a case-by-case basis.

How do I look after my Kilim rug / kilim cushion?

We always recommend getting your kilim rug or kilim cushion professionally cleaned. However we have included some tips for when this isn't possible. If vacuuming your kilim rug, try to avoid using high power settings or vacuuming on tassels, & make sure you vacuum both sides of the rug. If there are any spills, soak up as much liquid as you can immediately using absorbent paper towels or hand towels. Pass clean, cold water through the stained area, catching it with a container underneath. Continue gently soaking up the liquid, repeating as necessary until the stain is removed. To keep your kilim cushion covers clean, first give it a good bash to get rid of any dust. Next, mix a very gentle soap or shampoo with cold water in a bucket to form suds. Try and scoop up the suds without too much water and wipe over your cover, focusing on any marks. Try not to saturate your kilim cushion. Allow to dry in the sun without using pegs if possible.